Monday, December 26, 2016

Grab & Go Flash Cards

What are Grab & Go Flash Cards?

Grab & Go Flash cards are quickly accessible, pocket-sized flash cards that cover a variety of math concepts and can be solved mentally. They are different than task cards in two ways:

1) Grab & Go Flsh Cards often pose different questions in regards to the same information presented.

2) Grab & Go Flash Cards have the answers on the back for quick assessment by teachers or peers.

The History of Grab & Go Flash Cards?

As a math teacher it was always difficult for me to help students retain previously taught math skills. I was frustrated (to say the least) with the pressures of standardized state testing and all the many other responsibilities that come with teaching. 

One day it dawned on me that instead of trying to fit a review into my already busy schedule, why not integrate it into my everyday activities? I wanted something I could easily access and that would have multiple uses for warm-ups, ticket out the door, games, restroom breaks etc. That is how these unique flashcards came to life!

I designed them to have a problem on the front and various questions on the back along with the answers (for quick check). Having the answers on the back also allowed for peer review during math centers or with early finishers. I made two sets of each concept. One to keep on a key ring as a single skill and another on a mixed review key ring (in which I would combine ALL skills). 

For my struggling students, I email the parents a set of flashcards for the specific skill that they are having difficulty with so they can practice at home. Click HERE to see how these sets are greatly discounted as a Growing Bundle! Click HERE for a guide to use and more creative ideas for this resource!

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